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  • SUN CSA Hangout – ‘Back-To-School’ during COVID – 12 June 2020

SUN CSA Hangout – ‘Back-To-School’ during COVID – 12 June 2020

Screenshot of 11 people on webcams during ZOOM Hangout meeting with lao CSO staff

As part of SUN CSA Laos’ on-going ‘Friday Hangout’ learning events, on Friday 12th June 2020, 15 SUN CSA members joined a ZOOM Hangout to share ideas and information about projects supporting going ‘Back-to-School’ during COVID-19. There were discussions on how to clean schools, ways schools can social distance, as well as discussions about challenges for rural schools and communities. People shared their activities in schools to raise awareness of COVID-19 with teachers and students and shared materials. Thanks to everyone who joined.


SUN CSA Laos is holding regular ZOOM Hangouts to help members share experiences and ideas – about COVID-19 as well as other topics. These online events are informal and all in Lao, allowing staff from different organisations to share and learn together. Being online, it allows staff based in the provinces to easily participate. Stay tuned to the SUN CSA Facebook page, and regular emails to find out about the next event.

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