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Who We Are

SUN CSA Laos is a formal network of 60+ civil society organisations which focuses on improving in the nutrition status of all Lao people, in particular women and children in their first 1,000 days of life. Established in 2014, SUN CSA Laos seeks to coordinate and support civil society through skills building for convergent action and learning from best practices. SUN CSA members support the government’s National Nutrition Strategy and Plan of Action to accelerate the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger (SDG1 & SDG2).

SUN CSA Laos is a member-driven network. All members participate actively to support each other. All resources are provided by CSO members, both national and international. This sharing of resources, knowledge and efforts increases efficiency, multiplies impact and reduces malnutrition nationally.

SUN CSA Laos has established a Secretariat, which helps coordinate information and key activities for members. As of April 2020, the Secretariat includes a Coordinator and an Assistant, with an office at Plan International in Laos. Funding for Secretariat staff and office has been provided through a Plan International project with the EU since 2017. The Secretariat is also supported by a part-time Advisor, funded by Save The Children International Laos, since 2019.

SUN CSA Laos Management Committee

The SUN CSA Laos is managed by a committee of volunteers who are staff of our member organisations. Below is a list of our current and former SUN CSA Management Committee (MC) Members.