CRS is developing a Lao Nutrition Dictionary that will be full of technical terms and vocabulary used in nutrition work. This will become an important reference for al ...
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Our Objectives

Our Objectives

SUN CSA Laos members all work together to align efforts that will achieve larger results together than each would separately. Our collective objectives focus on the following:

  1. COORDINATE FOR IMPROVED NUTRITION: Ensure a sustainable Civil Society Association in Laos, that can improve nutrition across the country, aligned with national priorities and the global SUN movement.
  2. PROMOTE NUTRITION: Identify advocacy priorities, including gender and ethnicity, towards positive policy change with government and other development partners
  3. INCREASE NUTRITION KNOWLEDGE: Support evidence-based nutrition programming through research, knowledge management, and learning platforms.
  4. SHARE NUTRITION INFORMATION: Mainstream nutrition messaging to influence behaviour change in households, in the private sector, and in other non-traditional nutrition entities.
  5. SUPPORT NUTRITION EVENTS: Develop and promote evidence-based nutrition resources and events.

A key focus of our work is on the Frist 1000 Days of Life.

An explanation of 1,000 days of life nutritional approach