COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 virus balanced against healthy food

SUN CSA has collected many COVID-19 resources in Lao language. These resources come from the Government of Lao PDR, from SUN CSA organisations, as well as from other sources, including the UN. This includes posters, brochures and other handouts that can be used for community engagement activities. Some resources relate to nutrition and maternal health, […]

SUN CSA Hangout – Drinking clean water – 18 July 2020

ZOOM screenshot of 15 staff from CSOs on webcams during meeting

Thanks to the 20 people who joined us at the Friday Hangout to discuss ‘How to encourage villagers to drink from clean, boiled water”. It was an interesting presentation by Mr. Sitthinet Thaochaleurn, WASH Advisor-AHAN Partnership, World Vision International Lao. It certainly raised lots of discussion on experiences from other projects as well. Please check our […]