SUN CSA Laos Annual Report 2021

The SUN CSA Laos 2021 Annual Report outlines the significant achievements of our 67-member organisations of SUN CSA Laos over 2021. It includes the key results from the SUN CSA Members’ Nutrition Projects Survey that was conducted in December 2021. It also outlines the many joint activities conducted by members as part of the SUN […]

Nutrition Stakeholder Learning Workshop 2021 in Nahoii, 28 December 2021

Congratulation to SUN CSA more than 13 organizations led by the Rural Development Agency who met to share lessons on how to implement their projects on nutrition, hygiene, and climate change together with the government partners, including the National Nutrition Center, Agriculture Office of Sangthong District, and Nam Saad Center, as well as women’s groups […]