The Documents segment of the SUN CSA repository for nutrition-related resources in Lao PDR is divided into several ‘Categories’ (types of resource) and ‘Sectors’ (subjects) for easier searching. The categories can be reached directly via the tabs on the right and the sectors can be selected via the icons below. Scroll further down the page to browse, search and filter all publications.

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Laws & Decrees

Includes all Lao government decrees related to nutrition issues, as well as international laws.

Tools & Manuals

Contains all nutrition-related training manuals and resources, as well as posters, guidelines and activity descriptions.

Research & Reports

Consists of any nutrition-related report that is not a strategy, policy, law or decree. This includes international, regional, national and provincial level reports on any nutrition-related sector or topic.

Policy & Strategy

Has all Lao and international policies and strategies, both from Lao sources (government, research bodies, NPAs, etc) and international bodies (including the UN Agencies, Development Banks, INGOs, and other research and policy bodies).

All Documents

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BMS Code-PM signed version
1 file(s) 29 downloads
Documents, Health, Laws & Decrees July 21, 2020 Tukta Sonesaksith
2009 Decree PM: Non-Profit Associations – Lao
1 file(s) 10 downloads
Laws & Decrees May 5, 2020 Jipsa de Groot
Decree on Ethnis Affairs
1 file(s) download
Documents, Education, Gender, Laws & Decrees March 20, 2020 Soukkanhya
Decree 472 on Food and Utensils product for baby and young children
1 file(s) download
Documents, Health, Laws & Decrees, WASH December 30, 2019 Soukkanhya
Agriculture Development Strategy to 2025 and Vision to 2030
1 file(s) download
Agriculture, Categories, Laws & Decrees, Policy & Strategy, Research & Reports May 1, 2015 Soukkanhya